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Big Save Stokvel family is now close to 5000 Stokvel groups comprising of over 25 000 people. We help our customers save throughout the year so their money goes further and more groceries can be purchased during the festive period. 

Big Save has been in business for over 25 years, so be sure that your money is safe and secure – we are a brand you can TRUST. 

The benefits of signing up are below: 

  • Your money is 100% guaranteed and secure at Big Save, there are NO extra charges and your money is safe.
  • You receive great discounted prices as a group and also as an individual.
  • Big Save buys products in large volumes so that our customers can get the lowest prices all the time.
  • Big Save will pre-pack bulk your orders for you and voucher options available.
  • Quotations are always available.
  • Quality products and readlily available stock assured.
  • Transport is available and the price will be charged according to the distance.
  • You're always welcome to request a balance or statement of your Stokvel account at any time. It is advisable to request a copy of your statement every month as some Stokvel Members are not loyal and they do not pay.
At Big Save you will receive the best customer service and attention from a willing team.